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Media releases

SFAMA Media Release 13/2020

Swiss fund market posts further growth

SFAMA Media Release 12/2020

L-QIF: an innovation for the Swiss fund market

SFAMA Media Release 11/2020

Swiss fund market posts slight increase

SFAMA Media Release 10/2020

Recovery on Swiss Fund market continues

SFAMA Media release 09/2020

Swiss fund market still growing

SFAMA Media release 08/2020

Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association makes clear commitment to sustainable finance

SFAMA Media release 07/2020

Pleasing rebound for Swiss fund market

SFAMA Media release 06/2020

Swiss fund market volume depressed by coronavirus

SFAMA Media release 05/2020

SFAMA Board of Directors gains new President and Vice President and one new member

SFAMA Media release 04/2020

First signs of coronavirus impact on Swiss fund market

SFAMA Media release 03/2020

Swiss fund market stable at high level

SFAMA Media release 02/2020

A good year for investments – key projects for asset management

SFAMA Media release 01/2020

Swiss fund market shows strong year-on-year growth