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Asset Management Platform Switzerland


The Asset Management Platform has the vision to turn Switzerland into a leading asset management location. It is a permanent, institutionalised platform for the further development of the asset management industry as well as a source of ideas and information and a partner in political and regulatory dialogue.
It builds on the common ground between all participants in asset management, i.e. not only asset managers themselves, but also their clients and the relevant authorities and institutions.

The Asset Management Platform is currently prioritising the follows topics:

  • The central role of asset management in securing and strengthening pension system
  • Promoting innovation-friendly domestic regulation that helps to make Switzerland a competitive location for asset management
  • Improving the exportability of asset management products and services to the EU and other key asset management markets
  • Actively pushing ideas for the future that will strengthen Switzerland’s position as an asset management location over the long term
  • Raising awareness of asset management as an important cornerstone of the Swiss financial sector in its own right

The Asset Management Platform is supported by the Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association SFAMA, the Swiss Bankers Association and the Swiss Insurance Association.